How to Start Writing

A three-step article to start writing.

Ella R.

How to start writing a book. Yes, it sounds both extremely easy but hard at the same time. My three-step method to start writing a book helps me and might help you too. It is easy to follow and super rewarding once you start writing. Before any of this applies however you have to have your idea for the novel. That has to come to you. It should be something that you’re passionate about so you don’t burn out and get sick of writing.
My step one is to watch masterclasses. These are through a website or from youtube. Bestselling authors sit down and try to help guide through the writing process. The ones I’ve watched the most are Neil Gaiman and Margaret Atwood. They are very helpful in guiding you and making your writing that much better. Learning from people who have been writing far longer than you build your own experience.
The second step is to just start writing. It doesn’t even need to be about the topic you chose. Just write about everything and anything. Go on a walk, write about it. Watch a movie or read a book, write about it. Even the most mundane and ordinary things can be written about. Just like a sport writing needs to be practiced. Constantly writing is one way to build that practice for your actual novel. Who knows a new idea might even grow from writing about nothing.
Finally, read. Learning from others is the best way to grow your writing. Read books that are more in the genre you are trying to write about. This way you learn how to present it and what not to constantly reuse in your book. Reading also helps you see what tactics the author is trying to get at through a reader’s lense. Readers and writers think differently even if they’re the same. Learning about what kind of things you like in books will also help you emulate that in your novel.
Writing is a beautiful thing. Humans were made to tell stories whether that be verbal or on paper. Writing is a tool to express oneself and change the way another could think. Always remember to put love into what you are writing and it will always be good.