Family’s food angel

Family's food angel

Cece C, Staff

 We start off with a family who is going through a divorce.In that time, the daughter’s mother is overcome with new worries. She has no income, the same bills, and has no way to pay for food that they need. She was worried that she might not be able to help her family get the things that they might need. At that time as well, she didn’t have a job but was trying to find one to help with the bills and still having trouble with the food though.

But, one day, she found boxes of food in front of her home every morning. Of course, she might have been confused or even wondering who would be leaving these boxes of food in front of her door. But, that went on for months, still not knowing who could have been leaving them there. It kept going until one day, the mother finally had found a job and could pay for the things that they needed. One of the quotes that she( the daughter) said was,” It would go on for months until she( her mother) was able to land a job.” They must have been really happy to be out of the “woods” and have some way to pay for things and the bills.

Last, even though she had a job, they never did figure out who was sending them. They could have asked the neighbors or something but, they never did know who to thank for the months of food. But, in the end, they were okay. 

Hey, maybe that same person is helping out others that are in the same situation that they were in and still continuing to give out to people who need it the most. Who know, maybe the next person they could help is you!😉