How-To Do Puzzles Efficiently

How-To Do Puzzles Efficiently

Ally H., Writer

Considering we have all this free time on our hands, why not try a good old jigsaw puzzle! Grab your family and follow these steps! Believe it or not, there is a “correct” way to do a puzzle. The following steps will help you do a puzzle efficiently!



  • Find a large surface to work on- This one may seem obvious but they have been many times when a table turns out to be too small for a 500-1000 piece puzzle. Make sure it’s not a place that you will need later. For example, while the kitchen table might seem like the best place you might want to set it up on a surface or table that isn’t used as often.




  • Flip all the pieces so that they face upwards- This is an important step because it is much easier to find the piece that you are looking for when you can see the right side. This will also be helpful for the next couple of steps.




  • Pick out all of the edge pieces- I find it easiest when you build the border first and then do the inside. Once you pull them out you can slide the middle pieces to the side and make the border.




  • Sort the middle pieces by color- When you sort the pieces by color it makes them easier to group into the different objects that are printed on the puzzle.




  • Work on small sections at a time- It is easier to work on a small section of a puzzle and to stay focused on that part. If you are bouncing around the puzzle working on ten different things you will lose your focus.




  • Don’t give up!- Be sure to see your puzzle through to the end. Puzzles are a lot of fun, but not if you give up halfway through!