71-year old lady scrubs away the hate in our world

71-year old lady scrubs away the hate in our world

Eli H.

There is a woman in Germany known by her neighbor as Irmela Mensah-Schramm
but to the rest of the world, she is known as Graffiti Grandma. Her life mission is to go out every day (except for Sunday) and scrape and wash away all negative hate in the form of stickers, graffiti, and anything else on the walls and floors of Berlin Germany. 

She has tried to make the world a better place in a way that she was able too. In a world that is flooded with negative thoughts, actions, and words, about anyone different, her kindness and willingness to forget those things and even help others with it is astonishing. At the age of 71 and going on three decades now of constant work people like Irmela are needed in this world with hate bubbling up in people for all sorts of reasons. According to Great Big Story a channel that shows short documentaries about people who do amazing things around the world, they say “Today, she’s removed over 77,500 neo-Nazi stickers all over Germany and has no intentions of stopping 

In a world with hate like ours, people like Irmela are needed to keep us peaceful. Can we all be doing our part to rid the world of hateful messages? Irmela started this venture out of love for all people and want to show kindness to them by making sure they fit in as we all do. If we all thought like Irmela there would be no racism, no discrimination, none of the things that fuel the hate in our world today. For actions like hers, the least we can do is say thank you.