One Million Dollars in Food Donated to Food Banks


Wyatt B., Contributor

“Seeing people help each other during this crisis makes my day”
YouTuber by the name of Jimmy Donaldson, or MrBeast, donates 1,000,000 dollars worth of food to local food banks.


Throughout this time where most of us are in our homes, and some might be struggling to supply themselves, every act of kindness counts, big or small. In late March of 2020, YouTuber MrBeast donated one million dollars of food to multiple food banks in North Carolina. These generously donated supplies can feed hundreds of thousands of people. These food banks reported feeding hundreds of people daily, and these people may need this food more than ever in these difficult times. Jimmy isn’t the only one giving to food banks this time of year, though. As of March 30th, the company by the name of H-E-B is donating 500,000 meals to food banks in Texas. These supporting acts of kindness similar to Jimmy’s are one of the things that we can be thankful for during a panic like this. Though extremely impressive, this isn’t the first of Donaldson’s acts of generosity. The MrBeast channel has regular uploads of its star’s kindness. For example, on Christmas day Jimmy provided thousands of presents to children’s hospitals across the country. Almost all of the money that the MrBeast channel generates, whether it be from YouTube’s advertisements, or brand deals, is used to give, rather than for those who run the channel to keep. As the threat of the novel coronavirus rises, we should try to help our friends, family, or anyone else out in any way possible, as already demonstrated by people such as Jimmy Donaldson.