Roma Really Does Care

This Italian soccer team’s acts of kindness will save lives.


As we all know, the whole world is currently dealing with the rapidly spreading COVID-19 and all of its effects. We’re literally living through history, and during uncertain times like this it’s important to remember the kindness all around us.


Italy is one of the countries suffering the most from the coronavirus. The only country with more reported cases is the US, and even we haven’t had as many deaths. All of Italy is under lockdown, with the elderly being some of the people most vulnerable to COVID-19. It’s vital that they stay home, but of course they still need things like food and supplies.


In an effort to help, the soccer team AS Roma in Rome recently delivered “Roma Cares” packages to all their season ticket holders over the age of 75. They included foods like pasta, tomato sauce, and biscuits as well as face masks, gloves, and hand sanitizer to help keep the seniors safe from the coronavirus. They also came with that day’s Gazzetta dello Sport newspaper and an AS Roma scarf. Their oldest fan, who is 97 years old, was even given a shirt signed by the player Edin Džeko.


It’s no surprise that people have reacted positively to this. As one twitter user wrote, “This is an excellent gesture and will mean so much in the hard and lonely times of the lockdown.”


The club has also raised and donated hundreds of thousands of dollars, delivered over 27,000 masks and 100 bottles of hand sanitizer to hospitals and medical centers, and promised to buy 3 ventilators and 8 intensive care beds for a hospital in Rome.


It’s these acts of kindness, no matter how big or small, and people like the AS Roma soccer team that prove we truly are all in this together.