Please be kind

Kindness is key.

Aiden A.

If I am gay, would you hug me? Or I am North Korean, would you hug me? Both against discrimination of humans. This is my favorite project. It shows us how some people react to people who are slightly different than they are. These small projects can also prove a person’s kindness.Sometimes these people will barely get any hugs and others they will get many. This really shows people’s views on others depending on their race or sexuality. Kindness comes in all forms, not just giving to others. Kindness can be shown in just a simple hug or a compliment. Not always a huge gesture. Hugs are a great way to express that you care! Some people will hug you no matter what because they care! And others will look at you like you’re crazy to be expecting a hug from them because of how you look or act. This project shows everyone is equal and deserving of love no matter their race, gender or sexuality. It can be so easy to find the kind in someone but easier to point out all the flaws about them. People who seem to be different are treated differently even though they are humans just like you and me. This project shows that everyone should get a hug no matter what. Please be kind to each other online and in real life and don’t assume things based on someone’s race during this whole pandemic.You are all valid and we adore you. Thank you for reading and trying not to spread the virus.