Act of Kindness

Bailey D.

Act of kindness 


 The world is going through something that is really sad. A lot of death, a lot of sickness, and a lot of isolation. Instead of being sad and depressed we have to look for kindness. A lot of people are looking out for themselves and not thinking about other people. People are going to the stores and buying more things that they need. For example people are buying 4 cases of 12 toilet paper for only 2 people that live together. When we should be thinking about a family of six and they buy one case of toilet paper. We need to think about what we need and what other people need. There are going to be more food and essentials that they will bring into the stores. Get what we need now. An act of kindness I read online today was a woman in her thirties going to the store to buy a few things. On her way out of the store, she sees an old couple in their car next to hers, the older woman was crying. The girl knocks on her window and asks what’s wrong is everything okay. The older woman said we have been in our car for 45 minutes, and afraid to go into the store. Afraid to get sick as they were in their 80’s. The older couple told the girl that they didn’t have family to help them out in this crisis. The older women slipped the girl $100’s to buy them groceries. The girl was willing to help. She came back out of the store and put the bags in their car giving back the change that was left. The older couple thanked her multiple times and then they went on their way. I told this story to one of my family members and they said “ it’s amazing that people are this kind enough and are willing to help”. One person that read this story said “These types of stories of kindness restore my faith in humanity.”  This act of kindness impacts other people in the world by showing other people that we all need to help one another out and try to not get other or more people sick.