How a kind note changed Australian Firefighters’ lives

As many of you know, in December 2019, dozens of bushfires spread all across Australia. An estimated 3,000 homes were severely damaged or destroyed, and at least 33 people died and more are missing. There was smoke everywhere and many animals lost their habitats or even died. Firefighters risked their lives to save precious koalas’ lives and peoples’ homes every day, putting their own lives at risk. However, these firefighters couldn’t have done it alone without the help of people from around the world.

One woman’s story went viral for a kind note she wrote to the firemen after she had to evacuate her home. She started the quote with, “’Hello amazing fireys’”. In the note she told them to help themselves to the food and drinks inside the house, and also informed them about the about 7,000 liters of water connected to her property, and that they can go through the back door anytime. According to the article, “’ You guys rock our world’: The handwritten note left outside a home to tell firefighters to help themselves to food and drink in the fridge as they work to save their home, she then thanked them for their hard work over the harsh season. ‘Thank you! You guys rock our world! Be safe,’ she wrote.” The firemen even wrote her a note in return and left it on her fridge. The note said, “’ It was a pleasure to save your house. Sorry that we could not save your sheds. PS we owe you some milk,’”.

This story is good for people, especially young adults so they know what is going on in the world around them. The Australian bushfires were very destructive and traumatic, and it is lucky they are now contained.