Kindness Story

My Nana and her story of Kindness



A photo depicting kindness.

Ella R., Staff

When I was younger I would always remember my nana making multiple lunches early in the morning. She would say “The key to the best PB&J is the right kind of peanut butter.” She lives by this. All throughout the day whenever we would pass someone with a sign, she would hand them a plastic bag full of the food and water I’d seen her packing earlier that morning. It wasn’t until I was older that I knew what she was doing. 

I asked her one morning when I was older and able to understand the world’s problems. She reminded me of some of my bible studies and how God would have others help each other. She told me that was her mission from God which was to spread happiness to someone else. I slowly started helping her prepare these bags. Each one had two sandwiches, goldish, crackers, granola bars, water, and a sweet little handwritten note. This is what made my nana happy so it made me happy. One of the things I remember the most is seeing the gratitude and smiles of the people she would help. Helping someone in need is one of the biggest actions of kindness. One particular day when my nana gave a bag as we were driving off the man we had given the bag to use some of the bread from his sandwich to feed the little pigeons. One act of kindness and lead to many others. Now as my Nana continues to help others my only hope is that I can emulate her. She is a wonderful woman who never asks for something in return. She continues to give from the kindness in her heart. Her small gift of kindness proves that not only does it make someone’s day better it pushes them to show a little kindness too.