Man Makes Home For Feral Cats Out Of Old Water Coolers


Ayla Gharavi, Editor

    A kind man from Utah had noticed that there were a lot of feral cats around his town. Philip Rogich began trying to help these poor cats in November. Rogich stated “They’re living creatures, to me living creatures deserve to have their needs met,”.

Rogich started to make these tiny cat homes first by cutting open a hole in the side of an old water cooler. Then, he lined the opening of the ‘Cat Cooler’ with strips of insulation foam. Rogich added the final touch by putting some straw in the coolers to act as bedding for the cats. He was able to make and place 150 of the ‘Cat Coolers’ around his town until he had to pause his passion project to move.

One inspired person stated “Me and my neighbors made some also for the cats in our area. It helps they still get cold but not as bad,”. Another person who was greatly inspired by Rogich wrote “Great idea!” One woman said “That’s a great way to re-use something that otherwise would go to waste,”. However, one person had a different idea “Cats have been around for thousands of years and the birds, reptiles and small mammals managed to survive so far, even though until only recently, all cats were outdoor cats. The problem is human overpopulation and expansion into formerly wild areas, so if you’re so concerned, don’t have kids, stay in the city and don’t support any government plan or policy that leads to growth or expansion,”. 

However you feel about Philip Rogich’s passion project, it can remind all of us that kindness and compassion can go a long way. Even if it’s a small act of kindness, it still makes a difference to someone.