The Courageous People that Helped Rescue the Animals from Australia’s Wildfires

The Courageous People that Helped Rescue the Animals from Australia’s Wildfires

Ally H., Writer

Most people who keep up with the news would know that in December 2019 and January 2020 the catastrophic Australian bush fires peaked. This caused a lot of people to panic. The media exploded with news on what firefighters and people were trying to do to help prevent further damage from the fires. 

There are many stories about people who helped rescue animals like koalas and kangaroos. The firefighters that worked in Australia during this time deserve a real thank you because their jobs were so difficult. Not only were professionals trying to save the wildlife but everyday people as well.

One lady, Toni Doherty, in particular did an amazing job in saving a koala from the fire. Her act of kindness was caught on camera and now has over 16 million views.

Toni saw the small koala crying in the flames of a bush fire and ran to save it. She didn’t want to hurt the koala more so she removed her shirt so she could have something to scoop up the small animal with. When she picked him up, she quickly moved away from the fire. Once they were out of the flames she set him down and took a water bottle and poured it on him hoping to relieve some of the burn pains. Once firefighters got to the area they were very grateful for the woman’s bravery and act of kindness.

When I showed my older sister the video she said, “It was really nice to see someone be selfless, we need more people to like her to spread kindness towards animals.” I definitely agree with her and so do many others as well. One comment under the popular you tube video stated, “That lady has a pure heart, she didn’t care if she was topless, all she cared about was saving the innocent koala.”

I think that everyone can learn something from this act of kindness. We should all be thinking about the different ways that we can help each other and animals too!