90’s Teenage Life

Teens nowadays are so different but similar to teens in the 90’s. Us teens who are currently growing up in the 2020’s have now advanced technology and so much more than teens in the 90’s. In some ways our world has become great and in some other ways there have been some flaws. Teens now don’t really know how teens in the 90’s have grown up. Wondering this, I have gone upon myself to ask two middle school teachers what their life was like living in the 90’s. The two teachers are Mrs. Olivera and Mrs. Acosta.

Mrs. Olivera is a 7/8th grade teacher. She teaches Art for 7/8th, 7th grade leadership, 8th grade Paulding Press and 7/8th grade Green and Growing. Mrs. Olivera’s teenage years are very interesting. Mrs. Olivera’s favorite age was age 12. In her opinion age 12 was when she was really developing into a teen. 12 was a coming of age. “My favorite thing to do was talk on my phone. It was the type of phone where you had to spin to get to the numbers.” she stated. She loved going to pop bands concerts. “The best concert I have been to was a New kids on the block concert.” She loved to hangout with her friends. She didn’t do sports until she went into high school. She liked making mix tapes with her friends. Mrs. Olivera believes that she does in fact relate to her students, who are teens. “On a daily basis I like to put myself in their shoes.” She can understand them because of her husband. She says laughing, “My husband is just like a middle school boy. He acts just like one.” Her husband pranks her a lot and makes a lot of jokes. Mrs. Oliver believes that it is important to stay young at heart. Mrs. Olivera says that technology is so advanced now. “Back then it was really boring.” On major event that happen that Mrs. Olivera will always remember was when the Berlin Wall fell down. She was really shocked. While asking Mrs. Olivera whether or not she treats her students like adults. She had a really hard time answering this question. She believes she treats them more like adults. And she may even give her students more responsibility than they should.