Flight  is a basketball enthusiast and YouTube gamer known for his videos related to real-life NBA action and the video games NBA Live and NBA 2K. He  also has a second channel titled flightreacts, which he reacts to everyday life events. Known for his entertaining nature and nice sense of humor, flight  first joined YouTube when he was looking for some distraction to get rid of his anger and depression issues. He soon began enjoying this process and continued sharing videos on his channels to keep his audience entertained. Today, the YouTuber is happy on the social platform, creating and sharing lively and exciting videos frequently. He is also happy with the fact that he is liked by several people. With over 2.81  million subscribers on his main account and 934k on his secondary account and hundreds of thousands on the other, flight is gaining momentum every day. With his enthusiasm and talent, he is sure to become one of the top YouTube gamers in the USA.