What are the effects of shooter games such as FORTNITE?


Eli.Heck, Writer

About three years ago, people of all ages began to become obsessed with the third-person shooter Fortnite. Students began to slowly begin to absorb themselves in the game. They spent hours upon hours playing Fortnite and not focusing on schooling, homework, tests. There have been hundreds of other games like this but none have created this much of an obsession in people, especially those in a school of the years of middle school and above. 

This obsession has slowly dimmed but millions of people still immerse themselves in this game. According to a survey of Paulding students who have or do play Fortnite say that they spend more time focusing on the game and getting wins and whatnot, rather than homework and grades. 46.6 percent of students interviewed said that if the game was removed there would be no change considering homework and grades. Only 3.6 percent say that their grades would change. The other 50 percent said the grades would go down and/or not get any better.

Many say they do not put off homework until the last minute and just play games this percentage is 82.1 percent but the other 17.9 percent say they do. Could this be part of the fact that their parents make them sit down and do homework before anything else with some and not others or the fact that they do it on their own? So could parents and/or peers play into this at all? 

Students interviewed are nearly evenly split on the fact that it does or does not affect their peers in a negative way. And only 11.1 think it affects them positively. Students majority believe that the game doesn’t affect their grades but 10 percent believed that their scores are lower than that of someone who does not spend a lot of time on the game. 

A majority of students do not think there is an obsession for them that could be unhealthy or non-beneficial in the future. But there is over 25 percent that think it is or could be something harmful.

These are all the responses of students who play the game or have played it before for a while. However, students who do not play the game have an interesting opinion. 

Students who do not play Fortnite are almost evenly divided whether shooter games like Fortnite have a negative effect on their peers. 53.7 percent say there is no negative effect while 46.3 say there is an effect that is negative. 57 percent say they focus better on schoolwork because they do not play this game.

I choose to share this graph because it shows that people think this game is harmful to other students. Is there anything in schools we could be doing this should we? 

Most students also think they score higher in homework, tests, and quizzes then people who are obsessed with this. 

This graph shows that maybe the fact that some people spend a lot of time playing this game doesn’t matter when they do homework. Because a pretty even amount is split up on this with only a slightly higher percentage of people who do it first. Again this could have a few reasons to do with parents. However, 85.4 percent believe people who play this put it off.  They also have a strong percentage of people who say it is an unhealthy obsession.

So, in conclusion, the results vary for all of the percentages but you all know a little more about some of the opinions that go into this game. Thank You.


By: Eli Heck.T