Tik Tok: The Obsession Of Teens Across Campus


Ayla G. and Allyson H.

This virus has affected teens around campus, the Tik Tok virus! People are seen doing dances such as the Renegade, Cannibal, #1 Baby, and many more. What caused Tik Tok to be so influential? We took the liberty to go around Ruth Paulding Middle School and ask a few questions about people’s opinions on Tik Tok. 

Many people have very strong opinions about Tik Tok. Zoe Baldwin stated, “Cause it’s entertaining!” Another student at the school, Kaci Panella said as she laughed “I’m on Tik Tok right now!” McKenzie Holmes said, “It’s so addicting!” However another student Bryce Diaz had a very different opinion. “It’s just a popularity contest where you’re always losing!” 

On a bright February afternoon, we asked two questions to 25 students and the results we got were shocking! 56% of teens on campus have Tik Tok and only 44% don’t have the app downloaded. 40% of students spend 0-1 hours on Tik Tok, and another 40% spend over 3 hours every single day on the app. An extremely small 20% spend only 1-3 hours on Tik Tok daily.

What caused Tik Tok to contribute so much to pop culture? We researched credible sources to find the best answer to our question. As it states on the Brandastic Website, “The biggest draw of Tik Tok is the ability to post about anything. Humor, hobbies, fitness, travel, music, photography, dance; every category is open and gaining huge attention,” (Brandastic Website). This shows that Tik Tok can cater to many different people with different hobbies, and interests. 

One of the Teachers at Paulding Middle School had a different opinion of Tik Tok. Mrs. Reid expressed how she felt about the use of this social media platform, “it’s influential, enjoyable, there’s a lot of different components about it. Millions of dollars are being made.” Another teacher Mrs. Acosta said “I’ve never been on it. It’s not a bad thing in regards to entertainment but data breaches have been made. For me when it comes to teens , I’m worried their info is being used in a negative way. They need to come up with a way to stop info from being used. It seems to be too addictive. Other teachers have told me that they themselves are on it too much.’ It’s intriguing, but worry some.” This shows that adults are aware of this growing social media app.

We asked people what is going to happen to Tik Tok in the future. Local teen Janeen Simon stated “It’ll stay strong…I like their dances.” Do you think Janeen was right in thinking Tik Tok will stick around? Or do you agree with Ashlynn Chavez “Tik Tok will die over time?” I guess we’ll just have to wait and see! 

Thank You!