Buried Secrets

In Our Own Backyard


kaleb stein and Aiden Armstrong


      Everyday students walk by the sign in front of city hall. “MISSING CAL POLY STUDENT, KRISTIN D. SMART” It’s giant, how could you miss it? Most disregard it, and assume she’s gone for good. Surely she should be, she has been missing for 23 years! Or should she be? We, and many others believe there is something else going on behind the scenes. Let’s start where it all began…

     May 25, 1996, Kristin and her friend decide to leave the Cal Poly campus in search for a party. After a few hours, with no luck, Kristin’s roommate decides to head home, leaving Kristin alone. Continuing her search, she eventually finds a party. A birthday party at an unofficial frat house. After a few drinks, she is borderline blackout drunk. Two people, who also attend Cal Poly, find her unconscious on the neighbor’s front lawn. They decide to help her get home, as she can’t walk. This is where our main suspect, Paul Flores comes in. He shows up, and says he will help as well. They begin their approximate 10 minute walk back to the dorms. Reaching both of the people’s dorms, Paul is left to take Kristin to her dorm alone. After that, she was never seen again.

To be continued…