How to Make Your Own Mask


Marly W.

This one one of my favorite crafts to do when I’m bored! There are only 4 materials that you will need. This craft is great to do when you have nothing else to do or you just want to protect yourself and others. 

Materials Needed 

  • Some type of fabric like an old clean t-shirt or other cloth
  • Scissors
  • Rubber bands or hair ties
  • Ruler or tape measure


Step 1: Place an old t-shirt on a flat surface. Measure 7-8 inches from the bottom of the shirt and cut across.

Step 2: Lay the cut fabric rectangle on a flat surface and discard the rest of the shirt.

Step 3: Measure about 6-7 inches in from the side of the fabric rectangle and cut out the material, leaving about a half-inch of material at the top and bottom. (These are the strings to tie the mask behind your head)

Step 4: Cut the string and fabric in half.

Step 5: Tie the strings around your neck, and then around the top of your head. 

Step 6: You’re all done! You can now enjoy a mask made by no other than you!