The New Kid


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Alone in a crowd … image was intentionally softened and colors muted to all but the alone person.

Mia Q.

Have you ever looked at a new kid and thought how hard it must be, to start a new school and not know anyone? Do you just look away and get back to the conversation with your own friends? I’m going to tell a story about how hard it was to fit in, make friends, and keep those friends. 

It was the first day of middle school, I was really nervous. I had already been in 1 year of middle school, so I wasn’t nervous about making it to my classes on time or finding them, I was nervous about making friends. I remember walking to school and thinking about what I would be doing with my friend group in San Diego or how much I missed having friends. Coming into Paulding I only knew one person from my swim team, but she had her friends, and I didn’t want to feel like an intruder. When I got to school I panicked I didn’t know what to do. There people everywhere hugging, smiling, and laughing. I stood there alone in a sea of people wanting to shut down and cry. It was hard, but by break, I met a girl who was also new. I really liked her, we were a lot alike. She became my best friend. After that, it became easier to make friends. I made a friend in my advisory class and turns out our parents went to middle and high school together. The first semester went great. I had great grades, I was on one of the best Waterpolo teams with the nicest people. Then the second semester started.

Winter break was so much fun, I turned 13 and spent my birthday with 2 of my best friends in L.A., it was a lot of fun. I thought 2020 was a new year, a new decade, and more opportunities. After three weeks off we finally went back to school. It was a great first 2 weeks, then some rumors were spread about me, I didn’t even know what they were about. A girl came up to me and said people were calling me a back-stabber and two-faced and that I liked to talk about my best friend behind her back. She dropped me, we went from best friends to barely knowing each other. It was hard because I still cared for my best friend and I wanted her to know those rumors weren’t true and that I would never do something like that to her.

After that things got hard, I found a different friend group but felt like an outsider and felt like nobody wanted to be around me. I tried to keep smiling and have fun at school, but I was just sad. All of second semester was awful. I would have done anything to be back in San Diego. Then COVID-19 shook our country. School canceled, sports canceled, social life canceled. Coronavirus really was just another thing to add to my funk, I really was just depressed. After a couple of months things got better I went back to swim and made a new friend, were now really close. Things started looking better. After a couple of months, my family decided to move and rent a house in the village. I was accepted to New Tech Highschool and that really made me happy. I was really happy for the next couple of months then I was just right back in my funk. I never really had this feeling before and I realized I was homesick. I missed my friends and missed my old home. I decided to push those feelings aside and focus on the more positive things in life and just be happy.

I’m really happy now, still homesick though. I know I was supposed to write about how it was like being the new kid, but I got carried away and told you my whole life story, sorry about that. Anyways, the moral of the story is just try to be friends with the “New Kid”, it’s hard starting middle school with no friends and you never know how they feel, even if they do have a smile on their face.