False Teen Sterotypes

False Teen Sterotypes

Ulla R.

Shelly, a high schooler, at the age of 17 was walking on the sidewalks of her town. All day she had been phone free not looking at it but she had her phone in her purse just in case. A while later someone called her, she knew it was her mom calling her if she was on her way back home from town. She picked her phone up to answer. When she was talking to her mom on the phone a middle aged couple walked by her. 

The couple whispered to each other,”teens are always on their phones nowadays, that’s all they ever do.” Shelly had heard them say that after she hung up her phone. She got mad since she knew and her mom knew that that wasn’t true at all.

It isn’t because the stereotypes are just false but they can affect others negatively. Teen stereotypes can be dangerous to us but also to the ones that believe in them since they are believing in something that is a misconception and is a negative opinion. It has been like this for a while now and it needs to stop. Teen stereotypes can affect us anywhere since all we need to do is hear it; like at school, in the grocery store, even at your own home. We need to stop all of the false stereotypes because it can affect us teens in a dangerous way. 

For example, in the article Countering Stereotypes About Teens Can Change Their Behavior, states,”We now know that changing students’ stereotypes about teens can influence their behavior and short-term,’ Pomerantz said.”

The stereotypes are bad and can change our mood. Someone that tells a teen either; “you are lazy” or “you’re always on your phone”, can negatively affect the teen. The teen might get mad and start arguing or they might just feel sad about it. 

The effect of teen stereotypes are bad to have and it is bad for others to say the stereotypes to a teen. The stereotypes are like a sponge and water, teens are the sponge and the stereotypes are the water since teens soak up all the stereotypes. The people that believe the stereotypes need to stop believing in the lies. We teens do a lot to help our families & others and we need to start to show that more!