Negative Effects of Homework

Negative Effects of Homework

Mia S.

Most of us have felt the dread of having homework from multiple classes after a long day of sitting at a desk when all we wanna do is take a break from school and relax.

Oxford Learning goes over the issue with too much homework.

Although a small, reasonable amount of homework with support from teachers if needed can be beneficial for students’ education and helps them to not forget certain things, homework nowadays, on top of regular school periods can often be overwhelming and stressful for many students.


A Stanford researcher discovered that over 2 hours of homework has been shown to isolate students, increase stress, and decrease mental and physical health.

Students may mindlessly get homework over with just to prevent their grades from dropping which can keep them awake too late for comfort, induce stress, and doesn’t make much of a positive difference overall.

One way we can minimize stress when it comes to homework is if teachers were to only assign homework that is necessary and the right type.

For example, if a class is struggling to understand a certain concept, instead of giving pages of 20 problems all based around the concept they don’t understand, the teacher could give one or two problems to solve with more examples and helpful texts or videos.


With this knowledge, we can better understand that an overload of homework could be doing more harm and good but, if done right and in the right amount, homework can help students learn, improve, and be there best in class.