Driver’s License by Olivia Rodrigo Review


Makaila M.

“I got my driver’s license last week…” Well, I didn’t, but Olivia Rodrigo did. 

Olivia Rodrigo is an 18-year-old Disney actor who has starred in Bizaardvark and High School Musical: The Musical: The Series. Olivia also writes songs, such as the hit songs All I Want and Just for a Moment, which she co-wrote with her co-star Joshua Bassett. She [Olivia] also wrote the newest hit song Driver’s License, which has surpassed some of the biggest artists in the world. It has been #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 for 6 weeks straight. Driver’s License isn’t any old sad song though. This song has so much drama behind it. People think that Olivia wrote this song about her ex and current co-star, Joshua Bassett, and his new, rumored, love interest, Sabrina Carpenter. There is loads of evidence to support this claim. For example, Olivia first released, via Instagram, part of Driver’s License on July 23, 2020, and the lyrics at one part were, “And you are probably with that brunette girl…” She then released Driver License on January 7, 2021, and she changed the lyrics to, “And you are probably with that blonde girl…” after rumors sparked that Joshua and Sabrina might be together. There are lots of little hits within the song and the music video, but we will get more into that later.

Olivia has gotten a huge response on Driver’s License, (I mean, that is all I can listen to still and it has been almost 7 weeks). Olivia has gotten tons of recognition from stars like Halsey, Cardi B, Hailey Bieber, Lucy Hale, and more! She has even gotten recognized by her biggest inspiration Taylor Swift, who Olivia has been a fan of since day one. Olivia is probably the biggest Taylor Swift fan. Her song has recently become an SNL skit, too. On Olivia’s 18th birthday (February 20th) SNL did a skit about it and all the drama. Driver’s License has broken a lot of records. Here’s is some that I can name; It is the most streamed song in one day, that is not a Christmas song, with over 15.7 million streams (on January 11th), and then it beat its record and got 17 million streams in one day (on January 12th). It was also the most asked song with Amazon’s Alexa. The fan reaction has been crazy for Olivia, and everyone wants more music soon.  

The drama around Driver’s License is super complicated, so let’s break it down. It first started back in 2019, when High School Musical: The Musical: The Series aired. Everyone was shipping Nini (played by Olivia Rodrigo) and Ricky (played by Joshua Bassett) in the show. Then there were rumors sparking that Olivia and Joshua were dating in real life. Fast forward a couple of months when quarantine started, and Olivia put out this sad, original song on Instagram about getting her driver’s license, and that is when people started to think that whatever was happening between Olivia and Joshua was over. Consequently, around April of 2020, the two (Sabrina Carpenter and Joshua Bassett) were seen kissing in the media. They were later spotted having lunch together, accompanied by Sabrina’s sister, Sarah. They were also Shark-boy and Lava-girl for Halloween. Later, on January 7, 2021, when Driver’s License came out people went and looked back at old interviews and saw that Olivia had once stated that Joshua taught her how to drive in an In-N-Out parking lot. Then you look at the song and she sings, “I got my driver’s license last week; Something we always talked about…”. Many noticed that in the music video you can see that Olivia is wearing a similar jacket to the one that Joshua wore in High School Musical: The Musical: The Series. Then, as we talked about in the beginning, Olivia changed a lyric from brunette to blonde because of rumors about Joshua dating Sabrina Carpenter. Then, about a week later, Joshua released a song called Lie Lie Lie. The music video had a lot of similarities to the Driver’s License music video, like purple lighting and hanging out of a moving car. Sabrina Carpenter then released a song two weeks after called Skin. In Sabrina’s song, there is a line that says, “…Maybe you didn’t mean it; Maybe blonde was the only rhyme…”, which references Driver’s License. None of them have confirmed or denied any of the rumors. Some people view this as all a P.R. stunt, but nobody knows the truth. 

Driver’s License is my favorite song right now, and plenty of other people’s favorite song, too. I would recommend this song (it is such a great song to scream at the top of your lungs when you are sad!). The song is just so relatable and it makes you feel something. Please stop what you are doing and listen to Driver’s License by Olivia Rodrigo, you won’t regret it!